Vision & Mission

Quality Policy

GLD is committed to meeting all the requirements of its clients and regulatory bodies at all times and at minimal cost. All employees are responsible for the quality of work carried out on civil, electromechanical services and other performances.

They have the authority to ensure that quality requirements are met in full, improve our construction quality, maintain the company's competitive advantage, satisfy its clients and comply with the requirements as defined in international standard.

We believe that a quality project is one which delivers the performance expects. Quality always begins with an understanding of a customer's requirements throughout the execution of the entire project.

Quality Control and Safety of the project shall be assured by performing the below:

  • Checking of the procured materials when delivered at site, to ensure the compliance with approved submittals.
  • The initial checking of conformity of the structural works, civil works and electrical works installation with the standard and regulations.
  • The periodic checking of the installation works at the site area and preparing daily reports on the work progress.
  • Before energizing the system proper tests and visual inspections shall be done.
  • Proper testing and commission of the complete system shall be performed.
  • This briefing would include the following:
  • Emergency Contact Information
  • All work on site requires the contractor to provide an on-site supervisor.
  • All work performed on-site will be with contractor's tools and equipment.
  • Site Smoking Policy. Site Housekeeping Requirements
  • Parking and Site Access Restrictions. Safety &Environmental Rules and Practices (Location HSE Handbook)
  • Overview of the plant Environment policy including management of all generated wastes.
  • Overview of Zero Tolerance Policy regarding harassment and use of alcohol and/or drugs
  • Emergency response information (alarm signals, location of shelter areas, etc.)
  • Notification requirements regarding accidents, incidents and near misses
  • Requirements regarding use of chemicals at the site and means of obtaining a Material Safety Data Sheet. Required Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) while on the site
  • Electrical safety requirements, including no live work and appropriate PPE.


As a Trading service Provider, GLD views sustainability as meeting or exceeding the performance expectations of clients in all of our businesses. In order for us to have sustainable business, we believe we have to continue to deliver our services while ensuring minimum impact from our activities on the environment of the greater community. We believe that sustainability is achieved by actively managing through our core values. They are the foundation that supports our behavior and actions.


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